George Ezra @ Leeds O2 Academy

I was lucky enough to go along to George Ezra’s SOLD OUT show at Leeds O2 Academy to experience the #FollowTheRabbit campaign, hosted by O2. This allowed me to basically jump the queue, which is a massive bonus, especially since we had the typical rainy weather and the queue was pretty much never-ending. You also get the perk for 2-4-1 drinks, again a massive benefit when two drinks can come to £10.

When I arrived at Leeds O2 Academy, the only support for the evening, Lily Moore, was already on stay serenading the audience. A pianist/guitarist joined her on stage, and it set such a laid-back, relaxing vibe for the night to come.

No word of a lie, George Ezra is a man that fully loves it. From the moment he followed his band on the stage to the final moments of his last song, the smile on his face didn’t fade. You could see the happiness on his face when he heard the crowd sing back the lyrics to his songs like it was all still new to him.


It’s quite rare that I go to the more chilled out gigs, so it was such a great change to be able to stand there and appreciate the music for what it is, instead of getting pushed here there and everywhere. One thing that I loved about George Ezra’s performance is that he engaged with the audience, throughout the show he was telling stories about how he wrote the songs, what inspired him and what he was feeling at that moment in time. The audience held on to every word he said.

The setlist itself was built up with the perfect ratio of old and new songs and despite his 2nd album ‘Staying at Tamara’s‘ (Yes, he actually stayed at a girl called Tamara’s house whilst writing this album) being released a matter of days before, pretty much every person in the room knew all the lyrics, which even George was surprised by as the Leeds date was the first show he played after the album being released.

This was the first time I have ever seen George Ezra live, and I can guarantee I will be going to the next local gig he does. Make sure you do check out his latest album ‘Staying at Tamara’s’, honestly, it is heavenly, there isn’t a song on there which I don’t like.

I’m going to leave you with my top 5 favourite George Ezra songs, but be sure to visit Musica Moments again soon to read more:

  1. Paradise
  2. Get Away 
  3. Cassy’O
  4. Barcelona 
  5. Stand by Your Gun


Blossoms are a 5 piece indie pop band from Stockport. The band was formed in 2012 and is made up of Tom Ogden, Vocals,Charlie Salt, Bassist, Myles Kellock, Keys, Josh Dewhurst, Lead Guitar and Joe Donovan, Drums. You can listen to their debut album that they released in August 2016 here.

Anthony Longstaff Photography

Normally when I go to see bands, I thrive off the atmosphere of the crowd when they’re making pits and jumping around. But sometimes it can get a little too much, so its nice to just be able to chill and appreciate the actual music. This is why I love going to see Blossoms.

Personally I loved support acts CABBAGE and Declan Mckenna. The only thing that disappointed me wasn’t the actual music itself, it was more how the crowd reacted to them. Like I like a chilled crowd, don’t get me wrong, BUT WE NEED A BIT OF MOVEMENT! Trying to get everyone going with the famous Leeds and Yorkshire chants didn’t even work. But don’t worry lads, us guys at the barrier LOVED you. But hey, at least we were all better than Sheffield?!

I always knew the band was HUGE in Japan but I met two lovely boys who had travelled all the way from Japan just to see Blossoms, this just goes to show how big the fan base is, it’s so strong and well just pretty damn incredible.

Obviously when the Blossoms intro music started blasting out of the speakers, everyone suddenly came out of the trance and cheered, waiting for the band to enter.

They enterIMG_9301.JPGred the stage and opened the night with ‘At Most A Kiss’ whilst fans were jumping around and singing the song word for word back to them. They continued the night playing songs from their debut self titled album, ending the night  with their most known song and my favourite song of 2016, Charlemagne.

After the gig, a hand full of fans went around the back of the venue where Blossoms tour bus was parked, hoping they would be able to get a chance to see the band and get photos. And of course they did. Every single member stood outside taking photos with everyone for at least an hour. Not bragging but I even got to wear Joe Donovan’s (Drummer) glasses…

There aren’t enough words to explain how lovely and kind-hearted the band are, they take a general interest in their fans which always warms my heart. If I had the money and the time I would definitely take a huge road trip and see Blossoms at every one of their gigs, I wouldn’t ever get bored of them.


Photo Credits – Anthony Longstaff Photograph

Written By Jess Huxham