I’ve been able to watch Conflare grow within these past 2 years of knowing them, the first time I saw them was 22nd November 2015 at Verve Bar, Leeds. I had listened to them prior to seeing them – they were the cool kids in the year above me, of course I was going to like them.

The 4 piece Pop/Rock band, based in Leeds, have been going ever since primary school and have gone from winning Cas Factor 2012 to being on the shortlist for a slot at Slam Dunk Festival (Make sure you vote for them here).


Now onto the main point – their music. The band is made up of Toby Hanmore – Vocals, Ethan Bradley – Drums, Rob Hawkins – Guitar and Sam Wilkinson – Bass.  I have always been surprised by Toby’s capability to write smart and catchy lyrics. All their songs are well structured and there is always something within the music that sticks with you, may it be the basslines in ‘Dirt‘, the guitar riff in ‘Tempted‘ or even the cowbell in ‘New York

But hey, why don’t you check them out for yourselves? Here is my top pick of songs by Conflare:

  1. Jacket 
  2. Real 
  3. Jet Black Heart 




NOW PLAYING: Phoebe Green

There’s always new bands/artists popping up all over the place, if you’re like me, when you find a certain band/artist you really like, they are literally glued to your headphones. This month, I came across a girl from Lytham, thanks to the help of a twitter follower and Blossoms.

Photo 11-04-2017, 19 53 45
📷 – Jack Whiting

Phoebe Green had only ever done a handful of gigs before releasing her album ‘2:00AM‘, (Which can I just say is the most magical 35 minutes I have every experienced in my 18 years on this Earth), but she has already built up a strong fanbase, not only here in England but even across the pond.

Her song ‘Sagittarius’ has recently been added to one of Spotify’s playlists – The Indie List. Thats when you know you’ve made it right? I can definitely see her doing some amazing things these next few years and I am patiently waiting for her to announce that she’s coming to Leeds.

2:00 AM is available on all the major music platforms – Spotify, iTunes, Google Play and what not. I do recommend you going and sticking Phoebe Green your playlists. We’re all about a bit of girl power!

a0107605752_10Here are some of my favourite tunes: 

Song to chill to: Nosebleed

Song that breaks your heart: She Makes You Weak 

Song thats pure girl power: Watercolour Envy