Marsicans are an indie/pop band from Leeds. Made up of James Newbiggining, Oliver Jameson, Matthew McHale and Rob Brander. Back in 2016 they played BBC Introducing Stage at Glastonbury Festival. Their EP ‘Absence’ is out now.


Marsicans bounced out on to the stage raring to go for their first Leeds gig of 2017. Not for one second during their set did their smiles fade from their faces nor did they ever stop giving the audience 100%.

Starting off their set  with ‘Gone in a Second’, which is full of twinkly synth and energetic drums that pound through your body, making it near impossible to not move your body to the beat, they had the audience within the palm of their hands. This set a high standard for the rest of the night and warmed up the crowd in the short space of a song for Hippo Campus.

They also put a cut down cover version of ‘Man in the Mirror’ by Michael Jackson into their set and blended it seamlessly into their hit song ‘Swimming’ before moving on to songs such as ‘Farmarsicans_15.jpg Away‘ and finally finishing their set with ‘Absence‘.

The crowd of eager teenage girls, equipped with the glitter plastered on their faces (I am guilty this most of the time), swarmed the front and danced away to their songs, making sure they sang every lyric to every song, clearly entranced in the boys performance.

You don’t actually realise how contagious smiles are until you see Marsicans live;  you can’t stand and watch them with a frown on your face at, all its pretty impossible. They definitely brighten up your day.

We also had time before they hit the stage to have a quick chat, where you can find out stuff like how James nearly died during shooting the video for ‘Absence’ and  which bands you should probably add to your Spotify playlist.


Words and Photos By Jess Huxham


Ginger Tom at Live in Barnsley

You know when you see a band you know are really good from what you’ve already heard and then you get there and the experience and vibe just makes it 10x better? Well that’s pretty much what it was when I went to see Ginger Tom.

For a couple of months now I’d seen a buzz going around about the band and listened to some of their music and was very impressed with what I heard, but I never really made it to a gig until I was lucky enough to be playing round the corner from them at Live in Barnsley so of course I wasn’t going to let that opportunity slip.

12650909_510740799107961_4554617002134844014_n.jpgI arrived at the Londoner where they were playing and it was heaving both outside and inside. The patio windows had been pushed open so the people who were stood outside the venue weren’t missing out on the music that was made from inside the venue. As soon as I got there you could tell that the crowd were really into them, either that or they were all their family…

You could see instantly how much of a close bond they all have with how comfortable they all seemed up on the stage. They allowed the audience to feel included whether it was just getting them to clap along or to choose whether it was a cover or an original they next did, of course the original choice won. The majority of the songs they did were originals but the also placed 2 well-chosen covers in there:

Life in The Dark


Bastille – Pompeii  

Hold Me Tonight

Are You Easy to Please? 

You need me – Ed Sheeran

Thought You’d Won

Never Be Enough

I would definitely go ahead and go see them at one of there next gigs, you will not be disappointed:11009114_429755543873154_3286749577699255721_n.jpg

27th July – Tramlines, Sheffield – Main Stage

17th September – T-Fest, Doncaster – Main Stage 


GINGER TOM: Official | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | SoundCloud | iTunes | Spotify