ANTEROS are an indie/pop, or as they call it, ‘bitter dream pop’ band from the heart of the UK, London. The band is made up of Laura Hayden, Vocals, Joshua Rumble, Bass, Jackson Couzens, Guitar and Harry Balazs, Drums. You can get their latest EP Breakfast on all major platforms. 

I didn’t really have any chance to check out ANTEROS before going to see them last night supporting Two Door Cinema Club alongside Sundara Karma at Leeds o2 Academy. But within seconds of being on that stage they had my attention within the palms of their hands. Despite the band only having one guitarist, this didn’t thin out or effect the sound as it sometimes seems to do. Instead the songs were filled up with groovy drumming patterns, quirky guitar riffs, powerful bass patterns and magical, yet simple harmonies.

Laura Hayden reminded me very much of a Izzy B from Black Honey with h0978a3_994c30878b7f43cb814f08814ad641c2-mv2_d_1400_1400_s_2.jpger similar style and the way she shows her attitude as soon she gets on the stage but not taking to much of the spot light from the other members.

The crowd welcomed the band to the stage, nodding their head along to the beat of the songs, a few even singing their songs back to them which lead singer, Hayden, was even shocked by. They finishing off their set with the song ‘Breakfast‘ which their EP is named after. This song is probably my favourite of theirs, I can easily see me having it on repeat for the next few weeks. In previous interviews, Hayden has said that the song about when she was seeing ‘someone who only wanted to stay up and talk about their problems until the early hours. ‘
Even though they have only been together in a short space of time, they are definitely a band to watch out for!


Written By Jess Huxham