What Makes Gigs So Special?

I don’t know about you but there’s this special feeling that I always get whenever I go see a band, it doesn’t even matter if I’ve seen them ten times before.

Black Honey

Being in a room with up to hundreds of unknown faces its something special within itself, all of you are pretty much there for one thing, the music.  Friendships are formed, sometimes they may only just last that one short night but there’s a chance you will find someone who becomes one of your closest friends for a very long time.


The connection you make with people is just indescribable. You could be on someones shoulders, towering over people, and you then make eye contact with someone who is doing the exact same thing as you and then you just start belting the song lyrics out to each other as though you have known then since you was 7 years old.

But it’s not just all about the formed friendships. It’s about been so close to a band/artist that you may have looked up to and adored for so long. To see the band give it their absolute all to you, performing songs that they wrote for you to listen to. It’s when you see the band looking at each other with disbelief when the crowd are singing them songs back to them, now that is a special ‘goosebumps’ moment.

Depending on who you going to see, the atmosphere maybe a little bit crazy. But 99.8% of the time you will find that everyone takes care of each other. Theres been endless amounts of times when I’ve fallen over or lost my shoe in the crowd and people are always there to help you.

Instead of wittering on with my own opinion, I decided to take to Facebook and Twitter to ask the important question:

What Makes Gigs So Special? 

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Written By Jess Huxham