The Sherlocks

The Sherlocks are a 4 piece indie band from Sheffield made of 2 sets of brothers, Kiaran (Vocals and Guitar) and Brandon Crooks (Drums) and Andy (Bass) and Josh Davidson (Guitar). They currently have five singles out, Live For The Moment, Heart of Gold, Last Night, Escapade and Will You Be There. They have done huge festivals this year such as Live at Leeds, Leeds and Reading Festival, Bestival, Kendal Calling and Y Not. 


Out of all the gigs I’ve been to, there are two crowds that were absolutely mental, one of the two being The Sherlocks (the other is The Courteeners…. Can’t say I enjoyed the experience of having piss thrown all over me)

The Sherlocks headed to The Wardrobe, Leeds for their second to last date of their tour. Leeds was also the first venue to sell out. I’ve seen The Sherlocks twice before The Wardrobe, both times I left  all bruised, sweaty and of course covered in all sorts of liquid, hopefully just water and beer… But its always the atmosphere that makes you wanna go back for more. Blaenavon were the only support act of the night and they were so good, better than I actually expected in all honesty.

Despite The Sherlocks only having five singles out, fans were singing every song back to them without failure. img_6732 The Sherlocks were met by chants from the crowd, shouting the standard ‘Sherlock Army’ chant. I don’t even have the words to say how mental the crowd went as soon as they came on and started playing the first few notes of ‘Last Night’

I ended up having to move from my spot right in front of the stage just because I very nearly ended up getting shoved onto the stage.

Despite the size of the venue, it didn’t stop people getting on shoulders or attempting to crowd surf

One of the things that makes me the happiest when ever I go see The Sherlocks is that they always finish with ‘Chasing Shadows‘ a song that hasn’t even been released officially, the only way you can listen to it is from YouTube.

I was actually meant to interview the lads beforehand but everything wIMG_8970.JPGas so hectic, we didn’t have any time but of course I got a photo with them and had a natter for a few minutes before and after the show.

Wise words from Kiaran Crook ” Don’t know why people throw beer, its just too expensive

Their tour has now unfortunately ended but definitely keep an eye out for The Sherlocks and go see thimg_8900em when their near you! You definitely wont regret it! The Sherlocks army just keep getting bigger and bigger. 2016 has definitely been an amazing year for them, but I can tell you now 2017 is going to be crazy. However, I would like a debut album from them for Christmas maybe?!


Photos By Nathan Robinson Photography


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