I’ve been able to watch Conflare grow within these past 2 years of knowing them, the first time I saw them was 22nd November 2015 at Verve Bar, Leeds. I had listened to them prior to seeing them – they were the cool kids in the year above me, of course I was going to like them.

The 4 piece Pop/Rock band, based in Leeds, have been going ever since primary school and have gone from winning Cas Factor 2012 to being on the shortlist for a slot at Slam Dunk Festival (Make sure you vote for them here).


Now onto the main point – their music. The band is made up of Toby Hanmore – Vocals, Ethan Bradley – Drums, Rob Hawkins – Guitar and Sam Wilkinson – Bass.  I have always been surprised by Toby’s capability to write smart and catchy lyrics. All their songs are well structured and there is always something within the music that sticks with you, may it be the basslines in ‘Dirt‘, the guitar riff in ‘Tempted‘ or even the cowbell in ‘New York

But hey, why don’t you check them out for yourselves? Here is my top pick of songs by Conflare:

  1. Jacket 
  2. Real 
  3. Jet Black Heart 




George Ezra @ Leeds O2 Academy

I was lucky enough to go along to George Ezra’s SOLD OUT show at Leeds O2 Academy to experience the #FollowTheRabbit campaign, hosted by O2. This allowed me to basically jump the queue, which is a massive bonus, especially since we had the typical rainy weather and the queue was pretty much never-ending. You also get the perk for 2-4-1 drinks, again a massive benefit when two drinks can come to £10.

When I arrived at Leeds O2 Academy, the only support for the evening, Lily Moore, was already on stay serenading the audience. A pianist/guitarist joined her on stage, and it set such a laid-back, relaxing vibe for the night to come.

No word of a lie, George Ezra is a man that fully loves it. From the moment he followed his band on the stage to the final moments of his last song, the smile on his face didn’t fade. You could see the happiness on his face when he heard the crowd sing back the lyrics to his songs like it was all still new to him.


It’s quite rare that I go to the more chilled out gigs, so it was such a great change to be able to stand there and appreciate the music for what it is, instead of getting pushed here there and everywhere. One thing that I loved about George Ezra’s performance is that he engaged with the audience, throughout the show he was telling stories about how he wrote the songs, what inspired him and what he was feeling at that moment in time. The audience held on to every word he said.

The setlist itself was built up with the perfect ratio of old and new songs and despite his 2nd album ‘Staying at Tamara’s‘ (Yes, he actually stayed at a girl called Tamara’s house whilst writing this album) being released a matter of days before, pretty much every person in the room knew all the lyrics, which even George was surprised by as the Leeds date was the first show he played after the album being released.

This was the first time I have ever seen George Ezra live, and I can guarantee I will be going to the next local gig he does. Make sure you do check out his latest album ‘Staying at Tamara’s’, honestly, it is heavenly, there isn’t a song on there which I don’t like.

I’m going to leave you with my top 5 favourite George Ezra songs, but be sure to visit Musica Moments again soon to read more:

  1. Paradise
  2. Get Away 
  3. Cassy’O
  4. Barcelona 
  5. Stand by Your Gun

NOW PLAYING: Phoebe Green

There’s always new bands/artists popping up all over the place, if you’re like me, when you find a certain band/artist you really like, they are literally glued to your headphones. This month, I came across a girl from Lytham, thanks to the help of a twitter follower and Blossoms.

Photo 11-04-2017, 19 53 45
📷 – Jack Whiting

Phoebe Green had only ever done a handful of gigs before releasing her album ‘2:00AM‘, (Which can I just say is the most magical 35 minutes I have every experienced in my 18 years on this Earth), but she has already built up a strong fanbase, not only here in England but even across the pond.

Her song ‘Sagittarius’ has recently been added to one of Spotify’s playlists – The Indie List. Thats when you know you’ve made it right? I can definitely see her doing some amazing things these next few years and I am patiently waiting for her to announce that she’s coming to Leeds.

2:00 AM is available on all the major music platforms – Spotify, iTunes, Google Play and what not. I do recommend you going and sticking Phoebe Green your playlists. We’re all about a bit of girl power!

a0107605752_10Here are some of my favourite tunes: 

Song to chill to: Nosebleed

Song that breaks your heart: She Makes You Weak 

Song thats pure girl power: Watercolour Envy






Marsicans are an indie/pop band from Leeds. Made up of James Newbiggining, Oliver Jameson, Matthew McHale and Rob Brander. Back in 2016 they played BBC Introducing Stage at Glastonbury Festival. Their EP ‘Absence’ is out now.


Marsicans bounced out on to the stage raring to go for their first Leeds gig of 2017. Not for one second during their set did their smiles fade from their faces nor did they ever stop giving the audience 100%.

Starting off their set  with ‘Gone in a Second’, which is full of twinkly synth and energetic drums that pound through your body, making it near impossible to not move your body to the beat, they had the audience within the palm of their hands. This set a high standard for the rest of the night and warmed up the crowd in the short space of a song for Hippo Campus.

They also put a cut down cover version of ‘Man in the Mirror’ by Michael Jackson into their set and blended it seamlessly into their hit song ‘Swimming’ before moving on to songs such as ‘Farmarsicans_15.jpg Away‘ and finally finishing their set with ‘Absence‘.

The crowd of eager teenage girls, equipped with the glitter plastered on their faces (I am guilty this most of the time), swarmed the front and danced away to their songs, making sure they sang every lyric to every song, clearly entranced in the boys performance.

You don’t actually realise how contagious smiles are until you see Marsicans live;  you can’t stand and watch them with a frown on your face at, all its pretty impossible. They definitely brighten up your day.

We also had time before they hit the stage to have a quick chat, where you can find out stuff like how James nearly died during shooting the video for ‘Absence’ and  which bands you should probably add to your Spotify playlist.


Words and Photos By Jess Huxham

Blossoms ‘Honey Sweet’ Music Video

Here at Musica Moments, we love a bit of Blossoms, who are said to be the best thing to ever happen to Stockport, which is 100% true, no doubt about it.

Ever since releasing their debut self titled album, they have finally started to get the recognition that they deserve. Their headline uk tour is fast approaching selling out, the festival announcements are rolling in and well, they’ve been nominated for a BRIT award for British Breakthrough (Vote Here) , what else do we need to tell you?

Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 14.23.25.png

Today they have release a new music video for their song ‘Honey Sweet‘. If you’re a fan of the classic’s such as ‘Back To The Future‘ and ‘ET‘  you are going to l-o-v-e this! From the start of the music video you can see that there is inspiration from the movies oozing out of it from the old classic knitted jumpers and bikes to the mysterious discovery at the end (NO SPOILER ALERTS, JUST WATCH). But it also seems to have a slight hint of inspiration from the popular Netflix series, Stranger Things.The band sticks to their roots as the video is set in their home town.





Written By Jess Huxham


ANTEROS are an indie/pop, or as they call it, ‘bitter dream pop’ band from the heart of the UK, London. The band is made up of Laura Hayden, Vocals, Joshua Rumble, Bass, Jackson Couzens, Guitar and Harry Balazs, Drums. You can get their latest EP Breakfast on all major platforms. 

I didn’t really have any chance to check out ANTEROS before going to see them last night supporting Two Door Cinema Club alongside Sundara Karma at Leeds o2 Academy. But within seconds of being on that stage they had my attention within the palms of their hands. Despite the band only having one guitarist, this didn’t thin out or effect the sound as it sometimes seems to do. Instead the songs were filled up with groovy drumming patterns, quirky guitar riffs, powerful bass patterns and magical, yet simple harmonies.

Laura Hayden reminded me very much of a Izzy B from Black Honey with h0978a3_994c30878b7f43cb814f08814ad641c2-mv2_d_1400_1400_s_2.jpger similar style and the way she shows her attitude as soon she gets on the stage but not taking to much of the spot light from the other members.

The crowd welcomed the band to the stage, nodding their head along to the beat of the songs, a few even singing their songs back to them which lead singer, Hayden, was even shocked by. They finishing off their set with the song ‘Breakfast‘ which their EP is named after. This song is probably my favourite of theirs, I can easily see me having it on repeat for the next few weeks. In previous interviews, Hayden has said that the song about when she was seeing ‘someone who only wanted to stay up and talk about their problems until the early hours. ‘
Even though they have only been together in a short space of time, they are definitely a band to watch out for!


Written By Jess Huxham


What Makes Gigs So Special?

I don’t know about you but there’s this special feeling that I always get whenever I go see a band, it doesn’t even matter if I’ve seen them ten times before.

Black Honey

Being in a room with up to hundreds of unknown faces its something special within itself, all of you are pretty much there for one thing, the music.  Friendships are formed, sometimes they may only just last that one short night but there’s a chance you will find someone who becomes one of your closest friends for a very long time.


The connection you make with people is just indescribable. You could be on someones shoulders, towering over people, and you then make eye contact with someone who is doing the exact same thing as you and then you just start belting the song lyrics out to each other as though you have known then since you was 7 years old.

But it’s not just all about the formed friendships. It’s about been so close to a band/artist that you may have looked up to and adored for so long. To see the band give it their absolute all to you, performing songs that they wrote for you to listen to. It’s when you see the band looking at each other with disbelief when the crowd are singing them songs back to them, now that is a special ‘goosebumps’ moment.

Depending on who you going to see, the atmosphere maybe a little bit crazy. But 99.8% of the time you will find that everyone takes care of each other. Theres been endless amounts of times when I’ve fallen over or lost my shoe in the crowd and people are always there to help you.

Instead of wittering on with my own opinion, I decided to take to Facebook and Twitter to ask the important question:

What Makes Gigs So Special? 

Screen Shot 2016-12-12 at 10.17.52.pngScreen Shot 2016-12-12 at 10.14.57.pngScreen Shot 2016-12-12 at 10.13.52.png

Written By Jess Huxham 

Citrus Heights: ‘Sweet Things’

Citrus Heights are a 4 piece indie/funk band that are pretty much exploding on the Leeds scene at the moment. The band is made up of Jamie Kelly (Vocals), Benjamin Casey (Guitar), Matthew Dixon (Bass) and Luke Chambers (Drums). They have already support bands such as The Dunwells and Clay as well as getting air play on BBC Introducing.


Listening to their EP ‘Sweet Things’ just twice is enough to know pretty much all the choruses of the tracks . Their songs are well structured and have a really catchy groove as well as melody. Taking obvious influences from Michael Jackson and Prince to achieve the foot tapping songs but I can also hear a tiny bit of The 1975 though their riffs and it has a VITAMIN feel. As well as the songs been really groovy it also sort of puts you in a ‘can do’ attitude especially ‘Limitations’ (which is one of my favourite songs on the EP) Jamie puts so much attitude into his voice, so it just kinda makes you wanna strut around your room singing into a hairbrush… just me?……

You can buy this belter of an EP on iTunes or if your still awaiting pay day you can listen on Spotify.

You can catch these at their next Leeds date:

 25th November – The Refectory (TICKET LINK)


Written By Jess Huxham


Blossoms are a 5 piece indie pop band from Stockport. The band was formed in 2012 and is made up of Tom Ogden, Vocals,Charlie Salt, Bassist, Myles Kellock, Keys, Josh Dewhurst, Lead Guitar and Joe Donovan, Drums. You can listen to their debut album that they released in August 2016 here.

Anthony Longstaff Photography

Normally when I go to see bands, I thrive off the atmosphere of the crowd when they’re making pits and jumping around. But sometimes it can get a little too much, so its nice to just be able to chill and appreciate the actual music. This is why I love going to see Blossoms.

Personally I loved support acts CABBAGE and Declan Mckenna. The only thing that disappointed me wasn’t the actual music itself, it was more how the crowd reacted to them. Like I like a chilled crowd, don’t get me wrong, BUT WE NEED A BIT OF MOVEMENT! Trying to get everyone going with the famous Leeds and Yorkshire chants didn’t even work. But don’t worry lads, us guys at the barrier LOVED you. But hey, at least we were all better than Sheffield?!

I always knew the band was HUGE in Japan but I met two lovely boys who had travelled all the way from Japan just to see Blossoms, this just goes to show how big the fan base is, it’s so strong and well just pretty damn incredible.

Obviously when the Blossoms intro music started blasting out of the speakers, everyone suddenly came out of the trance and cheered, waiting for the band to enter.

They enterIMG_9301.JPGred the stage and opened the night with ‘At Most A Kiss’ whilst fans were jumping around and singing the song word for word back to them. They continued the night playing songs from their debut self titled album, ending the night  with their most known song and my favourite song of 2016, Charlemagne.

After the gig, a hand full of fans went around the back of the venue where Blossoms tour bus was parked, hoping they would be able to get a chance to see the band and get photos. And of course they did. Every single member stood outside taking photos with everyone for at least an hour. Not bragging but I even got to wear Joe Donovan’s (Drummer) glasses…

There aren’t enough words to explain how lovely and kind-hearted the band are, they take a general interest in their fans which always warms my heart. If I had the money and the time I would definitely take a huge road trip and see Blossoms at every one of their gigs, I wouldn’t ever get bored of them.


Photo Credits – Anthony Longstaff Photograph

Written By Jess Huxham